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Hard-cover • 2020
Pages: 448
ISBN: 9789332705197
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AF Press/DO A BooK

Spiritual Lighthouse

For Understanding the Universe and the Meaning Behind It

Sudarshan Gomber

Praise for this book

“I have read with great interest & enthusiasm the inimitable Masterpiece entitled “UNDERSTANDING THE UNIVERSE AND THE MEANING BEHIND IT” scripted by my Spiritual Friend, Mr. Sudarshan Gomber. He has invested some of the choicest years of his retired life in piecing together this incredible Piece of Writing, which speaks volumes about his unusual Wit & Wisdom.

“He has taken great pains in digging out the Truth buried deep under the heap of Untruths and collected & collated it in an intelligible form for the benefit of Mankind. He has endeavoured to uncover the ultimate Reality underlying the mysterious Riddle of the Universe and discover the true Spiritual Pathway leading to the final Goal of Human Life.

“This Book is a magnificent manifestation of the highest spiritual height, which the Human Mind has so far achieved. It is one of the finest intellectual presentations of the ultimate Truth & Reality. I congratulate Mr. Gomber for his masterly exposition of true spirituality and extend my best wishes for his continued endeavour & untiring cruise into the unknown. I strongly recommend all seekers of Absolute Truth to go through this Wonderful Creation of Mr. Gomber.”
R.K. SAHA, MBA, Founder & Chairman of Divine Bliss Foundation


“I greatly admire the obviously hard work & study the author has put in as well as the seriousness and commitment he has shown in this spiritual quest. He has sought to distill the wisdom of many sources & ages. This is at one & the same time a self-avowed spiritual search for truth & meaning in a seemingly meaningless world and a reaching-out to others. As such, it is filled with practical perspectives on how to lead a good & more godly life. This is a book to instruct, guide and stimulate the reader to embark on the journey to achieving greater self-fulfillment by one who has clearly sought to practice what he preaches.”
ACHIN VINAIK, Professor (Retd.), University of Delhi

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Sudarshan Gomber for his Spiritual Masterpiece entitled “Understanding The Universe And The Meaning Behind it”. It is written in a simple, lucid language and provides valuable insights into the very complex subject-- “ God, Souls & Spirituality”. The author has used his vast experience and painstaking research of several years to draw excellent analogies between God & Souls. The scientific concept of Space & Time has also been linked in a unique way to Spirituality. 

“This book is a must-read for all age-groups, especially teenagers, who will get the benefit of several years of his research-work and a first-hand insight in the Spiritual World. They can apply many useful course-corrections to their fast-track lifestyles based on the learnings from this book.”
SANDEEP GUPTE, (M.Tech.), Indus Towers Ltd., Mumbai


“Every once in a while, a book comes along that opens a door to the future. This masterpiece is different. It opens a door to the achievement of ultimate goals of human life. I am overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge with which the author has not only brilliantly visualized the true meaning & purpose of the universe we are living in, but also given a clear, step-by-step guide that would eventually lead our souls to the ultimate goal of salvation.

“This rare and wonderful book is an asset to any person or group that applies its lessons. Anyone who does so will surely become better prepared to reach the doorway of redemption.”
KARAN KHOSLA, M.Sc. (Eco.), Business Analyst

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