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Hard-cover • 2016
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9789332703476
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Academic Foundation

Contemporary Expressions

Art of the Jogi Family

Tulika Kedia

About the Book

<p>Teju Behan and her husband Ganesh Jogi were first brought into the domain of contemporary Indian art practice by the champion of folk and rural art, the artist anthropologist, Haku Shah, in the 1980s. Over the last four decades Ganesh and Teju Jogi with their six children, have developed and built their art into a formal structure.&nbsp;</p> <p>Contemporary Expressions is the first richly illustrated book of the art of the Jogi family. A fervent collector and passionate advocate of indigenous art, Tulika Kedia has put together this book with a great deal of dedication and commitment for the promotion and dissemination of this little known art practice.</p> <p>This iconic book on Jogi art is aimed towards making visible the subaltern voices of this particular community.</p>

Praise for this book

<p>“Tulika Kedia’s passionate engagement with wildlife, nature and art has led her to become one of the most discerning collector’s of indigenous Indian art. This book provides an insight that is singular, one that emerges from an unerring eye that is truly spectacular and holistic.”<br /> <strong>— Alka Pande</strong><br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Art historian</p> <p><br /> “When my mother and I set up the Folk and Tribal Arts Museum at her Academy of Fine Arts and Literature in Delhi over two decades ago, we felt that there is no private art gallery to keep a flow of these works in the market. ‘Must Art Gallery’ set up by Tulika Kedia stepped in actively to fill that gap. I congratulate her on her continuous effort and this new book.”<br /> <strong>— ARPANA CAUR</strong><br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Artist</p>

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

<p>A graduate in English Literature from Delhi University, Tulika Kedia is a passionate collector of indigenous art from the tribal areas across the many&nbsp;Indian states.</p> <p>As a philanthropist, she has supported a large group of artists, collecting their work for more than a decade, and has established a commercial gallery, the Must Art Gallery, which has a large following of Indian and international buyers. Pursuing her passion, Tulika helped Hervé Perdriolle (a graphic designer, photographer, art director, art critic and curator) publish a path breaking book, on Indian indigenous art called <em>Indian Contemporary Art: Contemporary, One Word, Several Worlds.</em></p>

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