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Hard-cover • 2016
Pages: 110
ISBN: 9789332703377
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Academic Foundation


The Artisans of Kashmir

Qamoos Bukhari

About the Book

INTRIGUED by the name ‘Kanihama’, which he saw on a road sign driving to Gulmarg, at the age of ten, Qamoos Bukhari was first drawn to this extraordinary village where Kani shawl weavers have lived and worked for centuries. He has spent more than three years documenting and photographing their lives. From here his interest in the artisans of Kashmir took root.
The black and white images narrate a quiet tale of art forms that endure with silence, respect, and a shared commitment to a common heritage. Qamoos spent long hours with the men and women seen across these pages, watching them work, listening to their stories. He focused on the men and women rather than on the product. His images are metaphors of lives lived and dreams fulfilled.f

Praise for this book

<p>“A magical book: its images beautifully evoking the crafts and Kashmir I love. At first I missed the colour, but then found it in the words—along with the light and shade of Kashmiri lives.”<br /> <strong>— LAILA TYABJI</strong><br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Craft revivalist</p> <p>“A vital and beautiful portrait of the quietly heroic artisans of Kashmir.”<br /> <strong>— MIRZA WAHEED</strong><br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; Novelist / Journalist</p>

About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

M Qamoos Bukhari was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. Always fascinated by visual forms of representation, he is a self-taught photographer. He currently lives in Delhi where he is a student at Delhi University.

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